The Top 5 Tips for Fighting Fall Allergies in Arkansas

After the hot days of summer, fall can trigger a fresh round of allergies in Arkansas. Ragweed produces huge amounts of pollen at this time of year, while molds feast on fallen leaves. These allergens can trigger symptoms in sufferers of hay fever and childhood allergies.

Here are some tips to keep your symptoms under control this fall.

1. Reduce Pollen Exposure

Avoidance is the best way to keep allergy symptoms at bay. It’s difficult to control the outside but you can use environmental control products to control pollen indoors. In fall, when pollen and mold spores fill the air outside, keep your windows closed to ensure your home remains an allergen-free zone. Change the filters on your air conditioner roughly once a month to avoid spreading allergens around your home.

2. Check the Forecast

No one wants to miss the beautiful fall colors because they’re hiding indoors. You can enjoy spending time outside in fall without suffering allergy symptoms if you schedule your outings on damp, still days with low pollen counts. Avoid dry, windy days, when ragweed pollen blows on the breeze. Mornings are also usually a better time for allergy sufferers to spend time outside than later in the day.

3. Get Help in the Garden

Raking leaves is a no-no for fall allergy sufferers. Molds that grow on the leaves can trigger respiratory symptoms, while touching pollen can trigger allergy symptoms. Ask a family member or friend to help you out with yard work, or hire a gardener.

4. Try Antihistamines

Antihistamine medications can help to control allergy symptoms. Your local pharmacist can recommend medicines that might help you. If over-the-counter medicines aren’t enough, don’t hesitate to visit a local allergy clinic for help with adult or childhood allergies. Our physicians can prescribe additional medication to control your symptoms.

5. Consider Allergy Shots
Allergy shots are another option for controlling fall allergies. If antihistamines don’t work well for you or give you side effects, ask an allergy doctor about allergy shots.
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