5 Asthma-Friendly Exercises That Are Easy on Your Lungs

Tennis PlayerAsthma symptoms can decrease your willingness to pursue daily physical activities for the protection of your health. With the right combination of exercises, however, you can take control of your health without exacerbating your asthma symptoms.

As your asthma symptoms flare up, the tendency to shy away from exercise often increases in an attempt to limit asthma attacks. Although avoiding exercise seems to make sense at first thought, the right type and level of physical activity can actually help strengthen your lungs. With time and monitoring at the best asthma clinic in Little Rock, you may actually notice a decline in your symptom frequency and severity.

Here are five exercises that are easy on your lungs for patients with all types of asthma.


Yoga offers a low-impact way to boost your heart rate and burn calories without putting too much demand on your lungs. Studies have even shown that daily yoga exercise decreases asthma attacks and improves breathing abilities over time. You can control which movements you perform in your routines and how long you hold the poses to adjust your workout to exactly meet your needs.


Swimming sessions at an indoor pool provide the humidity needed to keep the airways open while you exercise. You should perform low-intensity strokes, such as the backstroke, to keep rhythmically breathing and avoid overexerting your lungs. Focus on breathing slowly to keep from hyperventilating as you swim back and forth across the pool. You can take breaks at the side of the pool as needed to catch your breath and relax your body between laps.


Go on warm-weather hikes regularly to keep your body at peak physical condition without triggering asthma attacks. You should avoid steep inclines or declines and cold weather, as those elements can worsen your symptoms. Bring lots of water and limit your distance at first to see what you can tolerate. You can extend your hikes as you accomplish your distance goals without experiencing asthma symptoms.


Simple weightlifting routines can burn as many calories as intense cardio workouts without the resulting breathlessness and coughing fits commonly experienced by overexerted asthmatics. With weightlifting, you do not need to worry about how fast you go or how much you lift. Instead, focus on maintaining perfect form and continually meeting the goals you set.


Find a partner at a similar fitness level and team up on the court to play lively tennis games. Even simply hitting the ball back and forth at a slow pace will increase your heart rate to the target range and keep it there through the activity. You can increase your intensity for a few seconds at a time and then give yourself a chance to cool down before resuming the game to keep your lungs feeling strong as you go.

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As you turn your attention to improving your physical fitness, partner with a skilled provider at your local asthma clinic in Conway or Little Rock to create a comprehensive asthma treatment plan. Your medical provider will consider the types of asthma you experience to suggest additional activities or accommodations you can enjoy on your journey toward better health. Contact Arkansas Allergy and Asthma Clinic at (501)-227-5210 to schedule an appointment today.